SaaSGlue integration


Run scripts and compiled code in any language

Run code on prem and in the cloud

Run code in AWS Lambda easily

SaaSGlue orchestration


Centrally monitor distributed jobs

Run jobs in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments

Create powerful multi-step workflows

SaaSGlue automation


Start jobs from a schedule, with the API or from the web console

Pass variables between tasks in multi-language jobs

Import and centralize your cron jobs

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Works virtually anywhere

When a SaaSGlue agent is installed, it securely connects to the SaaSGlue cloud. The agent securely receives and executes your custom instructions. This simple design lets the agent work on almost any network. And since agents talk only to the cloud, your job can hop from one network to another without regard to network boundaries.

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Provides all the infrastructure

SaaSGlue provides all the job infrastructure to manage, monitor and alert. Our lightweight agent is self-updating, placing very little management burden on you. SaaSGlue takes care of the automation infrastructure and lets you focus on your code.

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Integrates with other solutions

All SaaSGlue functionality can be invoked via the SaaSGlue API. This makes it simple to invoke SaaSGlue jobs from third party or custom applications. And since you can execute any code in any environment with SaaSGlue, you can also leverage your existing tools like Jenkins or AirFlow in SaaSGlue jobs.

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Scalable platform

SaaSGlue architecture scales horizontally to handle enterprise workloads at any scale.

The innovation twist

Typical automation platforms wrap external tools in layers of abstraction.

For example, platforms like Jenkins, Airflow and others enable access to external tools via a plugin architecture. If the platform doesn't have a plugin for a tool or there's a version or functionality mismatch, then the tool is inaccessible to the platform. It's usually time prohibitive for developers to create or update plugins in the framework.

SaaSGlue doesn't constrain developers by wrapping external tools with layers of abstraction like plugins. If something can be scripted from the command line you can run it with SaaSGlue. This includes any custom logic or driving tools like Jenkins, Airflow and others.

SaaSGlue decouples job management from code execution. Job designs, including code files, are stored centrally. At runtime code is delivered to the computing environment through secure agents, which you install on your machines. Your code can also be executed without an agent in a serverless environment managed by SaaSGlue in AWS Lambda.

SaaSGlue workflow

Creating Stateful Pipelines with SaaSGlue

Creating Dynamically Routing Data Pipelines with SaaSGlue

The Cloud based Data Engineering Platform

Integrates with other solutions

Using secure credentials you can invoke jobs through the SaaSGlue API from any platform. SaaSGlue jobs can be designed to call back to any of your automation platforms, maintaining a cross-platform process thread. Because SaaSGlue works with anything you can augment your current solutions without having to rip and replace anything.

Works with any language

Our design conforms to the “dumb pipes, smart endpoints” principle. The agent doesn’t execute code, so you can use any programming language as long as a corresponding interpreter exists on the agent host machine.

Agents assist with execution by passing in variables, arguments and artifacts to the runtime environment.

SaaSGlue’s runtime variables functionality allows you to communicate state between tasks in your job. This is true even in polyglot jobs where the preceding and succeeding tasks are written in different languages.

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Start free, scale effortlessly

Per script pricing

When you sign up for SaaSGlue your first 1,000 scripts are free! After that you pay $0.01 per script.

Additional pricing

AWS Lambda

You can run scripts on your own machines via the SaaSGlue Agent but if you prefer to run your scripts on AWS Lambda, we've got you covered. You pay an additional $0.0000166667 for every GB-second and $0.20 per 1M requests for scripts executed on AWS Lambda. This includes indvidual scripts executed on AWS Lambda via the web console.


We also provide the convenience of uploading and attaching artifacts to your tasks, which are downloaded and available to your scripts at runtime. Artifacts uploaded to SaaSGlue are charged at a rate of $0.09 per GB per month, while artifacts downloaded to execute a task are charged at a rate of $0.023 per GB.

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